Prosecutor who deposed Roger Stone during Watergate explains how Trump confidant was busted this time
MSNBC legal analyst Nick Ackerman (screengrab)

Former federal prosecutor Nick Akerman says longtime Donald Trump political advisor Roger Stone lied to Judge Amy Berman Jackson in federal court.

Decades ago, Akerman deposed Stone over his work for Richard Nixon when Akerman was serving as an assistant special Watergate prosecutor.

Akerman was interviewed on MSNBC's "The Beat" by host Ari Melber.

"What went down was a very serious matter," Akerman declared.

"You had Roger Stone lying -- right to the face of a federal judge -- on very material items like who posted the photo, why he posted the photo," he explained.

"When you have a federal judge -- who is not a Mueller prosecutor, but a federal judge -- say to him and say to the court he can't keep his story straight today, is she implying he could commit a new crime in that courtroom?" Melber asked.

"She's saying he's lying. It's simple, he lied. That's what she's saying," Akerman replied. "He couldn't keep his story straight. When you can't keep your story straight, you're lying."

"This is serious, the idea he could be inciting people to commit violence against a federal judge is a very real threat," he continued. "We have a history in this country with several federal judges who have been killed because of people who had a grudge or felt they didn't get a fair shake or somebody didn't get a fair shake."

"He has absolutely zero defense," Akerman concluded. "The fact that he lied on two key elements here, that the judge didn't put anyone jail, he's extremely lucky."