Rachel Maddow breaks down how Manafort is now facing additional federal charges: ‘It’s a doomsday situation’
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow. Image via screengrab.

After a federal judge ruled that Paul Manafort breached his plea agreement with prosecutors, MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow" show broke down the "doomsday" scenario facing Donald Trump's former campaign chairman.

Maddow said, "I think there is a chance that this might also mean that Manafort could be looking at additional felony charges -- potentially the reinstatement of the felony charges that the special counsel's office had agreed to drop in exchange for his guilty plea."

"Potentially, they could reinstate the additional 10 felony charges that he faced at his first trial on which the jury was hung, on which they were not able to come to a verdict," she added.

"So where we are in this as of tonight, where we are we in terms of this devastating ruling for the president's campaign chairman? In terms of Paul Manafort, I think this is a doomsday situation for him, in terms of his own fate."

"Prosecutors have already raised to the judge, in this case, the prospect that Manafort has been angling for a presidential pardon," she continued. "They've raised the possibility to the judge that that may explain some of Manafort's behavior thus far, even since he plead guilty and agreed to cooperate."

"We know from filings in Manafort's case that his behavior -- specifically some of his behavior that involved that alleged Russian intelligence figure Konstantin Kilimnik -- in the word of the special counsel's office, that's something that goes right to the heart of the central matter that Robert Mueller is investigating," she noted.

Maddow then explained the big picture.

"I mean -- stepping back for us just as citizens here -- big picture: everything has gone south for everybody who has been caught up as a defendant in any of these investigations thus far," she noted. "Everything has gone south for every one of those defendants."

"For the president's campaign chair -- specifically Paul Manafort -- things have not just gone south for him, he is now at the South Pole," she concluded.