Rep. Matt Gaetz derails gun violence hearing by demanding wall and calling on Parkland survivors to be removed
Matt Gaetz speaks at House Judiciary hearing (U.S. House/screen grab)

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Wednesday called on survivors of the Parkland shooting to be removed from a House Judiciary Committee hearing after they interrupted the congressman's rant on illegal immigration.

At a House Judiciary hearing on gun violence, Gaetz attempted to change the subject to murders allegedly committed by undocumented immigrants.

After Gaetz called on Congress to build President Donald Trump's proposed wall, a survivor of the Parkland shooting reportedly interrupted. Gaetz reacted by trying to have the survivors removed.

"Is there a process in the committee by which if the very same people are repeatedly interrupting the time of the members that those people will be asked to depart the committee," Gaetz asked Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY).

Nadler responded by explaining that he has the discretion to remove people who interrupt, but the chairman chose not to invoke that discretion.

Watch the chaos unfold in the video below.