Retired general rips apart Trump's 'incoherent' emergency declaration: Military budgets aren’t his slush fund
General Barry McCaffrey (retired)/MSNBC screen shot

Retired General Barry McCaffrey on Friday slammed President Donald Trump for declaring a national emergency over his border wall, saying that military budgets weren't meant to be "a slush fund" for the White House's political goals.

McCaffrey responded angrily to the president's claim that he had spoken to military leadership about his designs on their funding, saying that in comparison to his wall, their defense projects "didn't sound too important to me."

"We don't have a slush fund to operate the executive branch. This is sheer nonsense,' said McCaffrey, pointing to his own experience in military appropriations.

"Some of these military construction projects spend two to five years in political negotiations," he continued. "So the thought that you're just going to walk away from them, and take that money and put it against border wall construction just sounds to be utter nonsense."

"This is incoherent," McCaffrey, scowling. "It's inconsistent with the government of the United States and how we operate."

Watch the video below.