Roger Stone hiding in 'undisclosed location' because he's worried about getting 'Jack Rubyed': documentary filmmaker
Roger Stone appears on The Circus/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's oldest political adviser, Roger Stone, has made remarks suggesting he fears for his life after being charged with lying to investigators pursuing Russian interference in the 2016 presidential campaign.

That detail comes from Mark McKinnon, executive producer of Showtime's The Circus, who appeared on Don Lemon's CNN show Friday to discuss Stone's predicament.

McKinnon recently interviewed Stone, and found that the political consultant is broke and fearful.

"Can you contemplate the notion of actually serving some time?" McKinnon asks Stone.

"I'm not even going to address it, because I'm going to think positively," Stone replied.

Lemon asked McKinnon to tell him what happened next.

"You know what happened right after that? I said, 'Are you staying at this hotel?' and he said, 'No, I'm staying at an undisclosed location because I don't want to get Jack Rubeyed," referring to the man who shot President John F. Kennedy's assassin. "That's how he ended the interview."

"What?" asked Lemon.

"Yeah," said McKinnon. "You can tell that he was worn down and you can tell that this was starting to play on him as he's kinda thinking through all this."

Watch below.