Sarah Sanders fails to clear up contradiction between Trump’s death penalty rant and his support for prison reform
Sarah Sanders/CNN screen shot

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tried to reconcile the president's comments about executing drug dealers with his seeming embrace of criminal justice reform with the First Step Act.

"I think the point he's making is that we have to be tough. We can't allow people who bring in mass quantities of things like fentanyl a few weeks, enough fentanyl that would kill 50 million Americans, I mean that is an unbelievable just travesty," Sanders said.

"The fact that we just -- those people are allowed to go free in some cases or not be able to be detained, I think that type of thing is something the president wants to look at and be tough on those people," she added.

It's not clear who she is referring to. In reality, prosecutors all over the country are increasingly pursuing homicide charges if a death results from a drug delivery, even in cases where addicts shared drugs with each other.