‘It’s a slap in the face’: Angry New York taxpayer vents over tax return after GOP overhaul
(Photo: Shutterstock)

The GOP’s tax bill (Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats called it a "tax scam" last year when it passed) continues to draw the ire of middle-class taxpayers all over America as early returns are filed this month. Working class taxpayers are surprised at just how anemic their returns are for 2018 as they start filing.

Case in point?

New York State resident Melissa Velez of Mount Vernon told CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez that her weak return was a “slap in the face.”

“You work the job to have everything taken out in hopes that at the end of the year when you file your taxes you can get something back...now there’s nothing,” the Executive Assistant told the television station in a new segment.

“I usually pay the house insurance, car insurance, and that still leaves me extra to go on a nice vacation,” she said of past tax refunds in years past. “I’m not going anywhere this year,” Velez woefully added.

Watch the segment below via CBS2.