SNL goes in-depth on the appearance of Jeff Bezos' penis during cold opening
Saturday Night Live mocks Meet the Press (screengrab)

NBC's "Saturday Night Live" tackled the alleged blackmail of Jeff Bezos by the National Enquirer.

SNL impersonated "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd and cable news personalities Eugene Robinson, Peggy Noonan and Donna Brazile.

"Let's start with what's everyone talking about and a new low for journalist, the National Enquirer was accused of blackmailing Jeff Bezos," Todd said. "You are all highly respected journalists, so when all is said and done, what do you think Jeff Bezos' penis is going to look like?"

"Excuse me?" Brazile asked in disbelief.

"I know normally high-minded journalists would not talk about this, but it involves the richest man in America and the president of the United States," Todd continued. "So Jeff Bezos' penis -- what do you think it's going to look like?"

"I'm going to jump in," Noonan said. "When I hear billionaire's penis, I immediately think small potatoes. Like they say, 'If it's small and looks funny, you better have the money, honey.'"

"Small potatoes?" Brazile asked in disbelief.

"As a journalist, this is not something I thought I would have to cover," Robinson said. "As a human being, I'm naturally curious. Is he working with something the size of an Amazon Echo or is it more of a "Dot?"

"My question is, what do you think the coloration is like?" Todd asked.

"Oh my God, Chuck?" Brazile asked. "What is happening right now?"

The segment also took on Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.