'Sycophancy comes with a price': Conservative says GOP senators facing a wipeout in 2020 for sucking up to Trump
Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY). (Photo: Screen capture)

Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin is sounding the alarm early for Republicans today in the Washington Post, predicting a potential Senate wipeout in 2020.

“Sycophancy comes with a price,” she wrote. “Their political future is now inextricably bound with Trump’s.”

Republicans (including up for re-election Mitch McConnell and Maine's Susan Collins) are facing a much tougher re-election map for the Senate than they did in in the 2018 mid-term elections, and Rubin says the GOP has a problem with Trump, who is polling poorly, at the top of the ticket.

“If Trump is polling around 40 percent, the final report from special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is damning, and the economy, as many experts predict, has cooled off, you do wonder whether Republican senators might be more inclined to turn on the president, pressuring him to step down (with the implicit threat of impeachment proceedings hanging over them),” she wrote.

“Presently, the concern for Senate Republicans should be: What, other than the shutdown, the attempt to end the Affordable Care Act and passage of the unpopular tax cut can they claim to have accomplished? Judges, I suppose. But that alone is unlikely to save them if Democrats have the wind at their backs.”

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