The View’s Meghan McCain praises Amy Klobuchar for being 'a bad b*tch' like herself
The View's Meghan McCain/ABC screen shot

The View's resident Republican Meghan McCain was surprisingly excited about Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar's presidential run, saying the Minnesota resident's reputation as "a bad b*tch" was one she aspired to herself.

McCain made the surprising remark during a discussion of the growing field of Democratic candidates, comparing Klobuchar to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is also in the race.

"Elizabeth Warren, I don't need you to be soft and warm," McCain laughed. "Be a bad b*tch. I don't need to drink beer with you, I don't need to see your kitchen."

"Being a bad b*tch is a good thing for me," McCain continued. "It means you're tough, and you're strong and you're going to get things done. I probably fit in that category."

Watch the video below.