'They're in bunker mode': Ex-Nixon lawyer says Dem investigations are about to make Trump absolutely miserable
John Dean, Former White House Counsel for United States President Richard Nixon (Photo: Screen capture)

John Dean, who served as White House counsel under former President Richard Nixon, told CNN on Friday that things are about to get much worse for President Donald Trump.

Speaking with CNN's John Berman, Dean said that the White House right now appears to be in a defensive crouch as they await a volley of subpoenas and investigations into the president's finances, his policies, and his potentially corrupt actions.

"I think they're in bunker mode," Dean explained. "One of the things I would be watching for is what's happening in the House. Two committees -- the House Intelligence Committee with Adam Schiff and the Government Operations Committee with Elijah Cummings. They're both very experienced chairs."

Berman then asked Dean what he thought of Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) making "crystal clear" that he plans to investigate Trump's finances, which the president in the past has called a "red line" that shouldn't be crossed.

"He's not recognizing Trump's 'red line' and he's going to go right across it," Dean replied. "And obviously, given Trump's reaction, that's a very sensitive area for him, but also the most telling... this is going to educate the public about what is really going on."

Dean also said that Trump "is about to have a whole different experience -- which is called oversight -- and I don't think he's going to like it at all."

Watch the video below.