‘This is literally Pizzagate’: MSNBC guest says Trump’s labor secretary must go over Epstein plea deal
Billionaire accused pedophile Jeffrey Epstein (left, via Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office) and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta (right, via Creative Commons/Gage Skidmore).

MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle noted that her guest, The Root's politics editor Jason Johnson, already had "fire is about to shoot out of" his head when she asked him to weigh in on Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta, who stands accused by the Department of Justice of breaking the law to give billionaire Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal that allowed the alleged child sex predator to avoid prosecution. Johnson did not disappoint.

"This is absolutely -- I can't -- we can't get desensitized to this," sputtered Johnson, who was practically at a loss for words. "How many people in this administration beating women, attacking women, assaulting people, abusing children?"

"These are the people who ran talking about Pizzagate," Johnson said, referring to the debunked conspiracy rampant during the 2016 election. "This is literally Pizzagate in existence!"

Johnson slammed Acosta's leading role in letting Epstein off the hook, saying he "was part of protecting it and lying and keeping children in the dark and abused."

"This is 'To Catch a Predator and then letting him go," he added, and then turned his focus to those went on the record to confirm Acosta.

"The outrage that every single member of the Senate should have that they actually voted this guy in is something that I want to see," he said. "For all the things they can get disgusted about, I want to see someone step forward and say, 'President Trump, we have to get rid of this guy because I am sick and tired of us having an administration filled with pedophiles and pimps and abusers of women.'

Watch the video below.