Trump biographer says there’s no doubt the AG ‘told Trump he will not release’ Robert Mueller’s report
Tony Schwartz co-wrote the 1987 book 'The Art of the Deal' with Donald Trump

Attorney General William Barr told President Donald Trump he would bottle up special counsel Robert Mueller's report, Trump biographer Tony Schwartz argued on Wednesday.

Schwartz is the coauthor, with Trump, of the 1987 bestselling book, Trump: The Art of the Deal.

He came to his conclusion after Trump claimed that the public release of the special counsel report would be left to Barr.

“That’ll be totally up to the new Attorney General. He’s a tremendous man, a tremendous person who really respects this country and respects the Justice Department,” Trump said to reporters in the Oval Office.

For Schwartz, that line was a tell.

"Trump says it is totally up to new Attorney General Barr whether he'll release Mueller's report. That means Barr has told Trump he won't release the report," Schwartz concluded.

"Period, full stop," he added.

Schwartz also fact-checked Trump for his attacks on The New York Times.

"It is an astonishing moment in American history that the president of the United States has called the most revered and credible newspaper In the world a 'true enemy of the people.' Nothing — nothing — could be further from the truth," Schwartz explained.

The author also had harsh words for Republicans on Capitol Hill.

"It is frightening and disturbing that virtually all Republican legislators remain so terrified by Trump that they are willing to ignore all evidence of his misdeeds," he suggested.

"This is complicity at its worst and it is a continuing blow to democracy and the rule of law," he added.