Trump bragged to Victoria Gotti about hanging out with her mob boss dad: 'We've been in each other's company'
Infamous mafia boss John Gotti's FBI mugshot (left) and President Donald Trump (right, via screengrab).

Donald Trump once told Victoria Gotti, daughter of infamous mafia boss John Gotti, that he and her father had spent time together.

"I know that they knew each other," the Gotti daughter said in an interview with The New York Times published Thursday.

She recounted an interaction she had with Trump when she was working as a columnist at the New York Post. At the time, the real estate mogul asked her to write about a "fiasco" involving one of his casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

"He was upset at how The [New York] Daily News perceived it and wanted to go on the record, so he called me and I went to his office," Gotti told the Times. "I’d seen him in passing and he always was very generous, he’d either pick up a bill or stop at the table. But then he said to me: ‘Your dad and I, we’ve been in each other’s company. We know a lot of the same people.’”

Gotti mentioned the exchange to her father a month later when she was visiting him in prison, the report noted — and said he appeared surprised.

"He looked very kind of perplexed,” she said, “like, ‘Why would anybody even bring that up."

Trump's connections to the mob, both Russian and Italian, have been documented and speculated about since long before he ran for president — and were a source of concern for some in government following his ascendancy to the White House.

"The president has even imported gangster vernacular like 'rat' and 'slime ball' into the Oval Office," the report noted. "All the talk of loyalty oaths and 'flipping' coming out of the West Wing have led many, including James Comey, the former F.B.I. director who helped bring down the mob, to conclude that the place is being run like the Ravenite Social Club."

Read the entire Victoria Gotti interview via the Times.