Trump cornered on wall funding as his 'emergency' falls apart -- and even GOP will howl about his next moves: reporter
Donald Trump (Youtube)

Roll Call reporter John Donnelly on Thursday evening revealed that most of the money that President Donald Trump has been planning to pilfer to fund his proposed wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has already been spent, meaning he will need to find another way to secure cash for his top campaign promise.

Appearing on CNN Friday, Donnelly explained what Trump's options are now that his primary plan to fund the wall is gone -- and he said that none of them will be politically easy to pull off.

"Every single time a president in the past has tried to move that much money, he has gone to Congress," he said. "Not just gone to both the House and the Senate, but gotten approval from both parties in both chambers."

Not getting such approval, he said, would "tear a hole in the fabric of cooperation between the president and the Congress."

Donnelly then explained that there were no past examples of a president bypassing Congress to get funding for a project that Congress has clearly shown that it would not approve.

"Every path that he could take is pretty much without precedent," he said.

"So we don't even know where this money is going to come from?" asked CNN host Kate Bolduan.

Donnelly then listed some of the programs that Trump could raid to get his wall funding, although he said that any efforts to do so would run up against a wall of resistance.

"All those programs have constituencies, including Republican support," he said. "So it will create some howls of protest."

Watch the video below.