Trump is so ignorant he thinks Nepal and Bhutan are pronounced 'Nipple and Button': TIME reporter
Official White House photo of President Donald Trump meeting with his intelligence team in the Oval Office.

TIME Magazine's foreign policy reporter John Walcott on Monday mocked President Donald Trump's ignorance of the world, telling CNN the president mispronounced the names of at least two countries, and approaches the fight against terrorism like a real estate deal. Walcott broke the story over the weekend.

"When he's briefed on something that doesn't square with his policy views or his personal views, he simply rejected it," Walcott said, naming Iran and Syria as two specific examples. "The threat of ISIS is not measured in real estate terms. It's a global threat and they're inspiring other people. That's not the kind of thing that the president wants to hear."

Walcott added that the president is hampered by ignorance and "lack of curiosity."

"The first one is the president's ignorance," he said. "That goes to the point thinking that Nepal and Bhutan, which incidentally, he also mispronounced as 'Nipple' and 'Button', were part of India."

"Wait, that's what he said, seriously?" interjected host Brooke Baldwin, trying to hold in laughter.

"This president has very little curiosity," Walcott continued, describing Trump's preparation to meet British Prime Minister Theresa May at a military base on the Diego Garcia atoll. "He only had two questions. The first was are the people there nice, the second, are the beaches good?"

"He was acting more like a real estate developer than like a president concerned about the security implications," he added.

Watch the video below.