Trump-lover loses it when CNN panel nails him for lies about national emergency
Conservative radio host Ben Ferguson (Photo: Screen capture)

The discussion got heated in a CNN panel discussion Sunday. Trump apologist Ben Ferguson claimed Democrats were to blame for refusing to give Trump the money he requested while Republicans ruled the House and Senate.

Republican strategist Tara Setmayer began by criticizing the White House for sending out people like Stephen Miller to comment on immigration reform. She called him nothing more than a "brownshirt," a reference to members of an early Nazi militia.

"I don't know why they continue to put Stephen Miller out there," she continued. "Probably to placate his base. He's good for that. As far as explaining it to people who are looking at this as objective observers, the answer would be 'no.'"

She went on to say that no president should "throw around" their power the way Trump is doing.

"You're not an imperial president," she said. "There's nothing conservative about this. Shame on the GOP who actually try to justify this as constitutional."

The Trump shill tried to justify the national emergency by conflating it as nothing more than a kind of executive order. Setmayer cut in to explain that no president has ever attempted to circumvent Congressional appropriations funding with such an order.

Ferguson said that it didn't matter that Republicans held the House and the Senate because they needed Democratic votes to pass a funding bill for the wall. As a fact-check, they did not need Democratic votes. Instead, the Republicans needed every member of the GOP to support the president's border wall. So, what Ferguson is admitting is that neither President Trump, nor Senate Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) or then-Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) controlled their own caucus.

Ferguson was quickly called out for false information by host Ana Cabrara, but Ferguson went off talking about children being raped by immigrants. She pointed it out as "the divide in the Republican Party."

"Right, because I'm dealing with reality and Ben is trying to justify the BS from the president," Setmayer shouted over Ferguson and the host.

When Democratic strategist Joe Trippi was allowed to speak, Ferguson immediately began talking over him.

"Hey, Ben, you were the one who didn't want anybody interrupting you, please don't interrupt me," Trippi said. Ferguson continued to speak over him. "Ben, no!"

Ferguson kept repeating over and over that Republicans did try to pass a bill. No one disputed it, rather than the GOP held an overwhelming majority in the House and enough of a majority in the Senate that they could have held a vote. Their problem was in their own party.

Democrats were willing at one point to give Trump $20 billion in wall funding, but Trump turned it down. Trippi said this alone should be enough to discount the claim of it being a "national emergency."

Ferguson kept talking over everyone and it devolved into chaos from there.

Watch below: