Trump pastor: Christians who don’t support this president are like Nazi enablers during WWII
Pastor Robert Jeffress (left) and President Donald Trump (right). Image via Jeffress' Twitter.

A Baptist pastor close to Donald Trump claimed on a right-wing radio show that evangelicals who don't support the president are as bad as Christians who aided and abetted Nazis during World War II.

The Dallas Observer reported that Pastor Robert Jeffress, a member of Trump's evangelical advisory board, trashed "moronic" and "spineless" never-Trump Christians in an interview with conservative radio personality Todd Starnes.

His criticisms stemmed from those evangelicals' lack of support for the president who he believes will end abortion.

“This is an issue of life and death," Jeffress said. "This is so black and white, so much about good versus evil. I don’t get it."

“We cannot afford to be like German Christians who, in the rise of the evil reign of Adolf Hitler, just remained neutered. They remained silent. And you saw what happened there,” the pastor added. “I think there’s a similar wave of godlessness that is rising in our country right now and we must push back against that tide.”