Trump ridiculed by Canadian premier over disastrous tariff debacle: 'He's hurting the U.S. more than Canada'
US President Donald Trump salutes as he arrives at Canadian Forces Base Bagotville for the G7 summit. (AFP / Lars Hagberg)

Ontario's Progressive Conservative premier slammed American President Donald Trump's trade policy with its northern neighbor during a speech in Washington, D.C. Thursday.

HuffPost Canada reported that Doug Ford — the province's leader and brother to the controversial, drug-using Toronto mayor Rob Ford — ridiculed Trump's tariffs on Canadian and Mexican steel.

"To be very frank, it's hurting the U.S. more than it's even hurting Canada," Ford said at the event organized by the Canadian American Business Council. "For every job that they think they're creating (with the tariffs), they're losing 16 jobs."

The Ontario premier noted that beyond the harm it causes the United States, the tariffs also hurt Canada as well.

"When we ship a part, some parts go back and forth across the border eight times," Ford said. "And every time they go across they're getting dinged."

Ford added that he intends to raise the issue with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer when they meet in Washington this week.

"We're just provincial," he said, "(but) for 19 states, their largest trading partner is Ontario."