Trump supporters lose it after the Daily Mail posts malicious article about Obama's daughter drinking rosé and criticizing the president
FILE PHOTO: A man screams at TV cameras and at members of news media during a Make America Great Again rally at the Civic Center in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S., August 21, 2018. REUTERS/Leah Millis/File Photo

On Monday, the right-wing tabloid The Daily Mail posted an article about the secret Facebook account of Malia Obama, former President Barack Obama's eldest daughter. The site noted that the account, which was reportedly used by Malia during high school and her gap year before college, contained images promoting content like "Donald Trump is evil" and shared numerous private images of Malia with friends and on vacation. A separate article from the previous night exposed pictures of her drinking rosé wine while vacationing in Miami, just a few months before her 21st birthday.

At once, pro-Trump corners of social media went on the attack, firing up the outrage machine:

Of course, millions of teenagers and young adults drink slightly before they reach legal age. One man who did so in the 1980s just ended up on the Supreme Court, despite multiple allegations he sexually assaulted women while drunk. And given that President Donald Trump has repeatedly spread racist conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's birthplace and academic transcripts, Malia would seem more than entitled to criticize him, let alone in her private posts with her own friends.

Even as the right tried to stir up outrage about the pictures, more liberal corners of the internet responded with even greater fury. Some people noted that, insofar as anyone needed to be sorry about these images, it was her friends more than her:

Others simply noted that she was being accused of nothing more than acting like a normal 20-year-old:

Still others asked where the outrage had been for other public figures' youthful behavior:

And others just raged about the fact that Malia's privacy had been violated and her life put under a microscope just for a tabloid "gotcha"