Trump surrogate calls for Axios reporters to be investigated for reporting on leaked schedules
Donald Trump speaks at Edison New Jersey Hindu Indian-American rally for "Humanity United Against Terror". (Joseph Sohm /

A former Trump campaign aide called for two Axios reporters to be investigated for working with a White House official who leaked the president's daily schedules to them.

Over the weekend, Axios' Alexi McCammond revealed that she and her colleague Jonathan Swan had been in contact with a White House insider for three months who revealed the president's private schedules to them.

In the aftermath, conversations surrounding Trump's so-called "executive time" — which appears to often be filled with TV-watching and tweeting — have dominated cable news conversations.

During an appearance on CNN Monday afternoon, onetime Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo raised concerns about "criminal leakers" in the Donald Trump's administration. He also added that McCammond and Swan should be investigated.

The reporters, Caputo added, should be treated as harshly as journalists who corresponded with leakers were during Barack Obama's administration.

"Let's go back in Alexi and Jonathan's emails two years like Obama did, let's go through all their phone records, let's pull their bank records, let's pull their credit reports, let's look at their parents' emails like they did to [investigated Fox News reporter James] Rosen," he said. "Find out who did this!"

"If Barack Obama can do that," Caputo added, "let's put Donald Trump's people to work to find out who this criminal leaker is."

The Washington Post reported in 2013 that Rosen was investigated by the Obama-era Justice Department after he was named a probable co-conspirator in a case that involved spying on State Department security adviser Stephen Jin-Woo Kim. The case was opened after information was leaked from within the State Department.

"This is a federal crime -- a national security crime," Caputo later said.

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