Trump Treasury spokesperson desperately tries to spin lower tax refunds as 'positive news for taxpayers'
Donald Trump during CNN debate (Photo: Screen capture via video)

Treasury Department officials tried to claim that the lack of an ample tax refund is actually great news for American taxpayers, Politico reported.

Americans are finding that promises from President Donald Trump and the GOP about their tax cut were lies. Not only did the "trickle-down" tax cut not spark any economic growth, but tax refunds are also down almost half for some Americans.

While the average shows an 8.4 percent decrease, many Americans expected a better amount in their returns after the tax cut. The president also promised a "middle class" tax cut just weeks prior to the 2018 election. That never happened, nor did it manifest after the election.

“The TCJA cut taxes across the board, particularly for middle-income families,” a Treasury Department spokesperson said in a statement. “Most people are seeing the benefits of the tax cut in larger paychecks throughout the year, instead of tax refunds that are the result of people overpaying the government. Smaller refunds mean that people are withholding appropriately based on their tax liability, which is positive news for taxpayers.”

Officials said that taxpayers will see the impact of the GOP tax bill in their paychecks rather than their refunds.

Fox News has placed the blame on Americans themselves, saying that people should have adjusted their withholdings if they wanted more money.

“Here’s the thing: For the most part, the IRS is telling everyone that they just simply did not make the proper adjustments on their withholdings at the beginning of the year. So they have been making all of this money,” Charles Payne explained to the “Fox & Friends” hosts. After clarifying that either they or their employers might have made the mistake, Payne insisted that the IRS wasn’t to blame here.

Don Trump Jr. got in trouble when he said that his father's tax cut was helping Americans. He was quickly schooled by his own supporters.

"Wait til you file your taxes," one Trump supporter tweeted. "Middle class just lost half their return. Lowest refund I have ever had and I am 50yrs old. No wall and now this tax reform sucks too!! Starting to doubt Trump. I voted for him and trusted him too."