Trump’s fear of Ann Coulter could torpedo any government funding deal – no matter how good it is: Republican
Charlie Dent (R-PA, retired)/CNN screen shot

Republicans and Democrats appear no closer to striking a government funding deal, raising fears that another government shutdown is imminent.

Former US Representative Charlie Dent (R-PA) appeared on CNN Thursday. He laid out what's likely to happen.

Dent pointed out that the Republicans and Democrats aren't actually that far apart when it comes to policy and are likely to reach a deal. The question is whether the President is beholden to right-wing forces in the media and in government.

"The question is, will the president support it. I can make a prediction here. The deal will probably be a good one. And then, I suspect members of the freedom caucus and Ann Coulter to get information ... they will trash the deal... and then the president will have reservations about this," Dent said. "Now whether or not he signs the bill—remains a mystery."