Trump's inaugural committee acts as if a 'guardian angel' paid their bills: former prosecutor
President Donald Trump/Screenshot from CNN

On Monday, Harry Sandick, a former prosecutor in the Manhattan US Attorney's office, told CNN's Erin Burnett that President Donald Trump's inaugural committee must have known what happened to the excessive amount of money after the team raised an unprecedented amount.

Prosecutors in the Southern District of New York asked to subpoena records from Trump’s inaugural committee for records.

Burnett said that Rick Gates, former deputy to the chairman of the inaugural committee, asked if vendors could take "payment directly from a donor, rather than through the committee."

"If that happened, is there any way that the inaugural committee, more broadly, wouldn't have known about it?" she asked Sandick.

Sandick joked that unless a "guardian angel" was paying their bills, then, of course, someone would have known about it.

"It's hard to imagine that, because an invoice comes in for a block of hotel rooms, let's say. And the inaugural committee is going to have to pay for that unless somebody else pays for it. And if the invoice just gets paid, how could the committee not have known? Is there some sort of guardian angel that's paying invoices. That doesn't happen to my bills and I'm guessing it doesn't happen to the inaugural committee's, either."

He added, "They must know who's paying for this. And all the pieces are coming together. The grand jury subpoena, the existence of witness testimony to explain what's happening."

Watch below via CNN.