Trump's inauguration committee accused of money laundering and false statements in federal subpoena
Donald Trump speaking at his inauguration (Screenshot)

Donald Trump's inaugural committee has been accused of money laundering and making false statements in a subpoena from prosecutors with the Southern District of New York.

CNN's Shimon Prokupecz reported on Twitter that on the cover of the subpoena, prosecutors alleged that the committee partook in "conspiracy against the US, false statements, mail fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, inaugural committee disclosure violations, and laws prohibiting contributions by foreign nations and contributions in the name of another person."

Earlier in the evening, ABC News reported that the SDNY wanted documents from the inaugural committee, and subsequent reporting revealed the type of documents prosecutors had ordered from the committee's lawyers.

According to a source familiar with the request that spoke to the New York Times, the inaugural committee's lawyers were ordered to present documents on "donors and event attendees; any benefits handed out, including tickets and photo opportunities with the president; federal disclosure filings; vendors; contracts," among other information.