Trump's national emergency declaration shows America's constitutional order is 'falling apart': MSNBC conservative
Donald Trump speaks from Oval Office at the White House (Fox News/screen grab)

Conservative Noah Rothman on Monday minced no words when it came to analyzing the dire state of American democracy in the wake of President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration.

During a discussion on Trump's decision to bypass Congress by declaring a national emergency to build his border wall, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough asked Rothman to imagine how a future Democratic president could use the precedents being set by Trump to enact their own policies that Congress refuses to fund.

Rothman, however, didn't want to distract from the threat posed by Trump's actual emergency declaration.

"The worst-case scenario is now," he said. "It is incredibly dire. What this president has done has been [to] invoke the military to affect domestic policy. He is using the statute that was designed to be invoked when Congress cannot be consulted, to express contempt for Congress's verdict on this matter."

Rothman then explained that this situation was made even more dangerous by Republican lawmakers meekly following along with the president's seizure of congressional power.

"Republicans... don't want to have to check this presidency," he said. "The Madisonian scheme here is falling apart. Nobody actually wants to be stewards of their constitutional prerogatives, they want somebody else to take the blame. That's incredibly disturbing!"

Watch the video below.