Trump’s State of the Union will backfire on ‘shameless’ Republicans ‘within 24 to 48 hours’: MSNBC contributor
Donald Trump (AFP / SAUL LOEB)

The Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart had some fun at the expense of the Republican Party on Tuesday, telling MSNBC that no matter much the party bends over backwards to give President Donald Trump the applause he seeks at tonight's State of the Union address, it will all come to nothing when the president inevitably sabotages himself.

Capehart said Trump wasn't interested in trying to reset relations with Congress: rather, it was "the pomp, the circumstance, the admiration" that the president was seeking.

"He will do anything to get that applause. That's what I'm going to be looking for tonight," said Capehart. "The other thing I'm going to be looking for is how will Republicans bend over backwards to deliver the applause that the president desperately wants? How shameless are they going to look to try to prop up the president?"

Capehart added that no matter what words came out of his mouth, Trump would soon revert to form.

"He can say all the nice words, you know, make calls for compromise and everything, but we have all seen this movie before," he said. "Within hours, definitely within 24-48 hours, he will tweet something, say something, do something that completely obliterates the mood and the tone he set in that speech."

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