Twitter CEO claims Trump is no worse than Obama on Joe Rogan podcast
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appears on Joe Rogan's podcast/Screenshot

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared on the podcast run by  comedian Joe Rogan and as the Daily Beast characterized it, claimed "Trump Is No Worse Than Obama."

In the podcast, which was posted Saturday, Dorsey echoed previous comments in which he said that he would "talk about" what to do if Trump asked his followers to murder a specific journalist on his platform, though also said he would "take action."

“Public figures might be in violation of our terms of service, but the tweet itself is of public interest,” Dorsey said “But the tweet itself is of public interest. It should be talked about. That is probably the thing people disagree with the most, and where we have a lot of internal debate. If we had a public leader, like the president of the United States, make a violent threat against a private individual, we would take action.”

Rogan asked if Trump tweets that could be seen as encouraging violence might be seen as violating Twitter's terms of service and Dorsey said Trump’s tweets should be seen in “context."

Specifically, he claimed that former President Barack Obama also made threats to other countries, such as North Korea, on Twitter.

“It was the context that presidents of this country have used similar language on different mediums,” Dorsey told Rogan. “They say it on radio, they say it on television. If you were to look at President Obama, it wasn’t the exact same tone, but there were threats surrounding the same country. We have to take that context into consideration.”

You can watch the podcast below.