Washington Post runs one-minute Super Bowl ad trolling Trump's 'fake news' feud: 'Knowing empowers us'
Washington Post ad (Photo: screen capture)

The Washington Post ran a 60-second advertisement during the Super Bowl that trolled President Donald Trump's feud with the paper.

Showing historic photos like the march to Selma, Alabama, the moon landing and D-Day, the voice of actor Tom Hanks recalls moments in history when Americans were brought together.

"When our neighbors are at risk," the voiceover says showing photos of the California wildfires.

"When our nation is threatened," Hanks says as a photo of the Oklahoma City bombing flashes on the screen.

The ad closes showing journalists who died recently in the line of duty.

On the screen, the words flash: "Because knowing empowers us. Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free."

The ad is titled "Democracy Dies in Darkness."