Watch Bill Maher's epic takedown of red states on 'Real Time'
Bill Maher hosts 'Real Time' on HBO (screengrab)

Comedian Bill Maher unloaded on red states in America during Friday's "Real Time" on HBO.

"We have problem in America called spatial geographic inequality, which means that the most affluent and educated people are clustered in just a few cities," he explained.

"Maybe that has something to do with why Trump voters are obsessed with 'owning the libs,' because the libs own everything else," he suggested.

"The blue parts of America are having big prosperity party, while that big sea of red feels like their invitation got lost in the mail -- and they still use the mail," he joked.

Maher noted that most television shows are set in cities, citing the lack of "The Real Housewives of Toledo" or "CSI: Lubbock."

"We have chef Wolfgang Puck, they have Chef Boyardee," he quipped.

"We've got legal bud, they've got bud," he said, while displaying a can of Budweiser beer.

However, the host ended on a hopeful note for the red states.