Watch CNN's Anderson Cooper ridicule Trump for his child-like belief he's building a wall
CNN's Anderson Cooper trashes President Donald Trump and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross over their "Let Them Eat Wall" message/Screenshot

On Friday, CNN host Anderson Cooper ridiculed President Donald Trump's flip-flop stance on the border wall, after he claimed that the wall was already being built.

"After two years in office and a 35-day government shutdown the president said he might declare an emergency to make something happen that he says is already happening," Cooper said.

Trump has played "word games" when it comes clarifying his definition of a border wall. Trump has called the wall fences and slats but recently ranted on Twitter that the wall is just a wall. Cooper then fact-checked Trump on his claim that the wall is already being built.

"Two months ago he said he just awarded a contract for 115 miles of wall. Today, he said he was using cash on hand to fund the wall. broadly speaking only Congress can appropriate money," Cooper explained.

He compared the president to a child and said that he was playing "make believe" with his border wall idea.

"What the president seems to be doing now is re-imagining stuff that isn't really what he wanted as something that he's actually wanted all along," Cooper said. "Which is fine if you say you wanted a pony for Christmas but you got a hobby horse instead. Make belief is fine if you're a kid or a real estate developer in New York. It's different when you're a president."

Watch below via CNN.