WATCH: Jake Tapper demolishes Trump Jr. claim that no crimes were committed
CNN's Jake Tapper (Photo: Screen capture)

Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Fox and Friends Monday, telling Fox hosts that he has no concerns about the Mueller investigation but that the Trump family is being treated unjustly by lawmakers looking to score political points.

“This is as political as it gets. Their dream in life is to try to find something to get Trump," Trump Jr. said. "I mean, it’s that old Stalinist tactic, you know? ‘Show me the men, and I’ll show you the crime.'"

He claimed that no crime had been committed during the Trump campaign or related to any of their businesses.

“So, you know, there’s no doubt that they’ll try. But again, I know how we functioned as a company. I know how we function as individuals, and that’s why despite all this – for two years – we don’t appear all that worried, because we know there’s nothing there,” he said.

On CNN Monday, The Lead's Jake Tapper chronicled all the crimes that have been already proven, sending multiple Trump associates and members of the campaign to jail.

"Lying to Congress ... is a crime. Criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States by interfering in the U.S. election which Mueller is charging with having done."

He went on. "Conspiracy to commit wire fraud is a crime. Bank fraud is a crime. As far as we know Mueller is not even done."