WATCH: Kamala Harris unloads on Trump for diverting military resources for a ‘crisis of his own making’
2020 presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA)/MANBC screen shot

California Democrat and 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris on Friday slammed President Donald Trump for declaring a national emergency over a "crisis of his own making," in a live exchange with an MSNBC reporter.

Declaring Trump's actions as "completely unnecessary," Harris slammed the president for "playing politics with taxpayer resources."

"It is about creating a crisis of his own making because of a vanity project that he feels he needs to pursue," Harris said."We are looking at the possibility, the very real possibility of diverting military resources for this."

"We are looking at the real possibility of imminent domain of literally government taking private homeowners and private landowner's land," she continued.

"Back to the point about a crisis of his own making," she continued. "Look, I was a prosecutor. I have visited the border. I have visited the ports of entry. You want to deal with illegal drugs entering the United States, that's in the ports of entry."

Watch the video below.