Whittaker needs to appear before House Judiciary Committee to face perjury accusations after NYT bombshell report: Democratic member
A selfie now-acting attorney general Matthew Whitaker posted in March 2017. Image via Whitaker's Twitter.

On Tuesday Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) told CNN's Don Lemon that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker could have potentially perjured himself while speaking to the Judiciary Committee.

The New York Times released a report that said, President Donald Trump, asked Whitaker if he could interfere with an investigation involving his former personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

"What do you think of this New York Times report?" Lemon asked.

"I never thought the Acting Attorney General was worthy of being taken at his word and that we should test his accounts," he said. "This story today shows that we need to get him back in. We probably need to hear from other witnesses and subpoena other documents."

"If these allegations are true, is that obstruction?" Lemon asked.

" Oh, geez, the obstruction was like ten exits ago with most of these characters," he said jokingly.

"Do you believe or do you have evidence that Whitaker shared information with the Mueller investigation with the president?" Lemon asked.

Swalwell explained that he did not have direct evidence, but that the Judiciary Committee should question Whitaker again because he did not "appear very truthful," and was protected by executive privileges.

"We need to start pressing those privileges and maybe it will have to be litigated. If we don't bring him back, I think the administration will just try to steamroll us through the rest of the two years on other witnesses we need to hear from."

"You're not saying perjury? Are you saying he perjured himself?" Lemon asked.

"I'm not taking him at his word, I'm not. There's still too many lingering questions and his account is contradicted by press reporting," Swalwell said.

Watch below via CNN.