WATCH: White woman flips out inside Mexican restaurant after hearing manager speak Spanish

A white woman at the Tampico Mexican Restaurant in Petersburg, West Virginia, yelled at the manager for speaking Spanish, Latino Rebels first reported. It's not clear exactly when the exchange took place, but a Facebook account for Irma Dleon posted the videos Saturday alongside the following explanation.

"My daughter captured this situation while working. My poor baby was frightened but cannot believe this continues to happen," she wrote.

"We should be united as a country but there is much hate. We are all human trying to help each other out. I will pray for this woman to be a better person, but you can only educate the ignorant. First they must listen."

In the video, you can hear the women command the manager to speak English.

"You need to speak English," she shouts.

"Well I'm sorry but," the man responds in English.

"Well I'm sorry about you too," she interrupts.

"Get the f*ck out of my country," she yells.