White House more worried about obstruction than the Russia probe: MSNBC political analyst
Robert Mueller, Donald Trump (Photos: Screen captures)

MSNBC political analyst Bob Costa said on Monday that the White House was less worried about charges of colluding with the Russians to influence the 2016 election than it was about related charges of obstruction of justice for interfering with the probe.

Host Andrea Mitchell asked Costa to describe "the president's mindset" as multiple investigations seemed to be coming to a head.

"The mindset on the Russian collusion front is pretty vague, because they're not really sure inside of this White House what Robert Mueller has found," Costa replied. "What they're more cognizant of is the obstruction side of the investigation."

"They know so many White House aides and administration officials have been pulled before Robert Mueller's team to talk about the president's conduct," Costa continued, saying his "top sources" had expressed "worry" over the investigation.

"What's going to be detailed about alleged obstruction of justice in the Mueller report?" he asked. "Could that really be something beyond the Russia questions that threatens this presidency?"

Watch the video below.