Here are 11 insane photos and videos of the #BombCyclone pummeling Colorado and midwest
Colorado Bomb Cyclone (Photo: Screen capture)

Somewhere beneath piles of snow is the city of Denver and the rest of the state of Colorado. A "bomb cyclone" is striking the Rockies and the central United States Wednesday, leaving some to wonder what the weird weather word means.

According to the National Weather Service, bombogenesis happens when a storm's barometric pressure drops by 24 millibars in 24 hours. Dramatic pressure drops can cause all sorts of health issues for people, particularly those with migraines. But the main impact is that the lower the pressure drops the more powerful the storm is.

In the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" three massive storm systems stall over the northern hemisphere. They look like giant hurricanes, except, instead of dumping rain, they're bringing fridgid air and snow down. That's essentially what's happing in Colorado. A bomb cyclone is basically a winter hurricane and given the pressure, it's equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane, The Coloradoan reported.

The strong winds extend beyond Colorado, into Nebraska, New Mexico, the Texas Panhandle, South Dakota and Oklahoma. Some states are dealing with floods and rain, but the Centennial state is the only one getting an absurd amount of snow dumped on them.

The result has been a complete shutdown of roads, not to mention whole cities. In a state known for loving the white fluff, residents are hunkered down in their homes.

You can see some of the most insane photos and videos below:

Thankfully, there are still some folks outside having some fun:

And finally, let's give a word of thanks to the letter carriers, who still showed up to work today: