2020 Democratic candidates are seeing massive rally turnouts from voters who are sick of Trump: report
Kamala Harris wins nomination for California Attorney General. (Steve Rhodes/Flickr)

Momentum is building for Democrats nationwide.

The New York Times notes in a new report that voters are energized early, despite the fact so many Democrats are running to be president.

"As the already large presidential field grows by the week, the enthusiasm that propelled Democrats to a decisive takeover of the House in the midterms is still surging, driving crowd sizes and intensity typically seen in the days before the first caucuses and primaries, not a year ahead of them," the Times wrote.

Indeed, candidates such as Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) have already proven they can draw big crowds....the California Democrat drew around 20,000 to her kickoff event in Oakland a few months ago. And who can forget Senator Amy Klobuchar's (D-MN) excited crowd, who came out in Minnesota for her kickoff announcement despite bitter cold and a snowstorm.

"Democrats are packing into gymnasiums, churches and exhibition halls to hear candidates speak — even if they are far from committed to supporting the candidate they are showing up to see," the Times wrote, adding, "the populist message many of the candidates have on offer is resonating from Northern California to Council Bluffs to the Brooklyn streets."

The Times spoke with an expert for the story, who said it was unusual to see such high interest this early in the political season before the primaries.

"Michael McDonald, an associate professor of political science at the University of Florida who studies voting data, said he believed enthusiasm and voter turnout were correlated," the Times said.

They then quoted McDonald as saying “we already know interest is running high given so many other indicators, so I expect turnout will run high for the 2020 primaries on the Democratic side."

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