737s ‘sucked’ as airplanes: Trump bashed Boeing jets for not being as good as his ‘Trump Force One’
Trump's speech at Boeing in South Carolina (Photo: Screen capture)

President Donald Trump appeared to bash Boeing jets before he announced that the planes would be grounded in the United States.

According to a Washington Post report, Trump proclaimed his personal airplane, Trump Force One, was far superior.

The president was in meetings with officials about the 737 Max 8 jets that have seen two crashes in less than six months. According to the president, the planes "sucked." A transportation official said that Trump believes his 757 is the best and he never would have purchased a 737 as his plane.

Trump refused to ground the planes until after Canada announced it would not only ground the plane but prevent any from flying over their airspace. However, he said that his decision was "psychologically" important but wasn't urgent.

“We didn’t have to make this decision today. We could have delayed it,” Trump said. “We maybe didn’t have to make it at all. But I felt it was important both psychologically and in a lot of other ways.”

The Federal Aviation Administration pushed back against grounding the plane because their officials hadn't yet reached a decision. However, the FAA chief has come under scrutiny because he once served as a lobbyist for industry manufacturers.

“It’s not the president’s decision and it should never be the president’s decision,” said aerospace analyst Richard Aboulafia. said, adding that he did not know whether Trump broke any protocols. He noted that presidents typically take their cues from regulators, however, Trump has spent most of his presidency working to remove all regulations.

Trump, who has no training in aeronautics, rattled off his knowledge about airplanes.

“He was very much engaged in this,” an official said.

Trump once had an airline that did shuttles between Boston, New York and Washington in the early 1990s, but it never made any profits and the company folded.

Ironically, according to Politico, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao rode in a 737 MAX back to Washington, D.C. from Austin on Tuesday.