AG Barr is engaged in 'the biggest con' this prosecutor has seen 'in a long time' — here's why
Bill Barr during his Senate confirmation hearing. (Screenshot)

A former federal prosecutor explained to MSNBC Thursday night that he believes Attorney General William Barr is engaging in a cover-up the likes of which he'd never seen before.

On Sunday, former prosecutor Gene Rossi disparaged Barr's four-page summary of special counsel Robert Mueller's report — and doubled down on those criticisms amid news that the investigator submitted hundreds of pages of findings to the Justice Department.

"Can't you just tell us how many pages are in the letter?" Rossi implored. "Because the amount of pages could give us some information on whether your three-and-a-half page summary has some gravitas — and it doesn't."

The ex-prosecutor added that he doesn't think the Mueller report is only 300 pages.

"I think it could be well over 1,000 if you add attachments and attachments to the attachments," Rossi said. "This is the biggest con I've seen in a long time, and I'm very disappointed with the Department of Justice."

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