Alex Jones tried to play the victim of a liberal attack -- this video shows what really happened
Alex Jones' latest ragegasm (Photo: Screen capture)

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones apparently attacked the customers in an Austin, Texas chicken restaurant. Blasting them as cowards, idiots and wimps, the controversial friend of President Donald Trump filmed the encounters with the public on his own phone, which he turned over to

When Jones released his video, he painted it as liberals attacking him and kicking him out of a restaurant. While Jones attempted to play the victim, the customers' videos of him show a different story.

"You're not an American," The Houston Chronicle quoted Jones saying. "You're a slob."

The paper characterized it as "aggressive" in the way he spoke to customers while begging employees to control the situation. Yet, at one point Jones seemed to be trying to get someone to fight with him. After the fact, however, Jones said the video of the encounters doesn't tell the full story.

According to the InfoWars host, his rage had to do with his wife's dissatisfaction with her dinner. It's unclear if she had fried chicken or something else.

"We've been going for many years," Jones said. "It's a great place."

But the problems didn't seem to have anything to do with the food. Jones claimed he sat at a table when several other people approached him and told him to "eat sh*t" and they were "going to get you." He said that he approached the manager, but things ultimately calmed down.

Other than the people that approached him, Jones said other customers were staring at him as he walked out to leave. Presumably, they were staring because he went on a rampage inside the restaurant, though it's unclear by the video.

Jones' version of the video had customers chanting, "This is class war. Eat the rich and feed the poor."

That's when Jones started shouting in the video.

"You're the one telling people to eat sh*t," he told one man. "You ain't nothing boy."

"You guys are all pissed because you got extra chromosomes," Jones diagnosed.

"Can we just eat some fried [expletive] chicken?" one customer said in the video. "Can we do that?"

Watch below: