BUSTED: North Carolina real estate firm fires staffer over ugly N-word-filled Facebook rant
Janet Spainhour Pate [Photo: Screen shot from video]

Neo-Confederate activist Janet Spainhour Pate was fired from her job after a video circulated online of her making racist comments.

Pate worked for the Koury Corp, a real-estate development company in North Carolina, according to The Triad City Beat.

Pate was outspoken about the removal of UNC-Chapel Hill Silent Sam Confederate monument. During the removal, Pate went live on social media and spewed racist language.

“There you go, Y'all,” Pate said. “All these years that sat there and then some ni**er comes up and spreads paint all over it, and the liberals go mad.”

Pate continued, "So you can see all these little whores at UNC, queers, celebrating, taking pictures. I guess they don’t have to go to class. Like I say, it’s easy to go to class here. They can stay up all night, get drunk, screw around, have abortions.”

The video went viral online and Pate's workplace was identified. The video reached more than 32,000 viewers. Once her job caught wind of the video and the use of her racist language she was fired.

Koury Corporation released this statement about the situation.

“Koury Corporation does not condone racism, hatred or bigotry of any kind,” the statement read. “It is unfortunate and misleading that the Koury Corporation name and logo has been associated with this disturbing behavior. We have already taken appropriate personnel action in response to the activities of this one employee, and we remain focused on the positive contributions Sthaour nearly one thousand employees make in our community every day.”

Watch below: