Christian family planning clinic offers a plastic surgeon but not abortions -- and will likely get federal funds under Trump
Demonstrators with anti-abortion signs (J. Bicking /

A former crisis pregnancy center operating out of Texas is rebranding itself along the lines of Planned Parenthood -- but without offering abortion or condoms, reports Jezebel. The goal is to secure federal funding, while promoting a subtle anti-abortion message.

Obria claims to provide a holistic approach to women's health, offering ovulation calendars and a plastic surgeon for “the full mommy makeover.” But unlike Planned Parenthood, they refuse abortions. Their mission statement reads that they are “being led by God” and “support for marriage and family.”

“I didn’t recreate the wheel ... I’m using Planned Parenthood’s model, and it’s working,” Obria’s CEO, Kathleen Eaton Bravo, told Politico.

Yet they're abstaining from promoting an explicit anti-abortion message, as crisis pregnancy centers have previously done. That rebrand is meant to draw in new customers and also take advantage of money earmarked for the full women's health services offered by Planned Parenthood.

Changes made to Title X funding by the Trump administration that are set to go into effect soon, will bar federal funding for health groups that refer patients to abortion services, Jezebel notes. They are also pushing for “non-traditional” organizations to apply.

If Obria gets federal funding they are set to provide health care to the state's roughly 1.8 million women in need of health services in Texas, the Associated Press reports.