CNN panel pins blame on Stephen Miller for Trump's ugly white nationalist rhetoric
Stephen Miller [Photo: screen grab from CNN]

On Friday, more than 50 people were gunned down in two Mosques in New Zealand.

The killer filmed the shooting and posted it to social media.

Although President Donald Trump extended condolences, he also warned of an "invasion" at the Southwest border, leading critics to wonder why he'd make xenophobic comments on the same day as a xenophobic mass murderer ended the lives of almost 50 people.

On CNN, contributor Symone Sanders noted that it should no longer be surprising that the Trump administration has aligned with white nationalism. After all, Stephen Miller has been in the White House crafting policy from day one.

"When you hear the term white nationalist. The ideolology, one of the main, core pieces is to curb nonwhite immigration," Sanders explained.

"That's one of the main policy priorities they advocate for. If some of this sounds familiar these are things that Stephen Miller who works for President Trump and in charge of putting together policies so I believe Donald Trump is a white nationalist."