CNN panel rips Trump's scandal-filled presidency: Anybody working for Trump will eventually need a lawyer
President Donald Trump. (Photo: Screengrab)

On Monday a CNN panel hosted by Wolf Blitzer slammed President Donald Trump for creating an environment where having a lawyer is now a requirement for wanting to work in the White House.

The House Judiciary Committee opened a wide sweeping probe into Trump and plans to investigate multiple areas of his life.

"All of the 81 individuals and the entities that have now been addressed by the House Judiciary Committee for all this information, they all have to go and hire Washington lawyers right now. This is an expensive proposition clearly for all. How do you expect this to unfold?" Blitzer asked.

"This is the way Washington works now. You go work in the White House, you sort of presume you're going to end up having to hire a lawyer for better or for worse," CNN contributor Gloria Borger said.

"People in Barack Obama's White House didn't have to hire lawyers because there were no scandals. It's true. George W. Bush, there were no scandals to speak of in the White House there," Legal analyst Jeffery Toobin said.

"Well, now anybody going into this White House knows upfront you're going to end up having to hire a lawyer," Borger said.

Watch below via CNN: