CNN’s John Berman baffled by Trump’s incoherent rant on health care: 'I don't think he knows what he means'
President Donald Trump speaking (image via screengrab).

CNN's John Berman found himself utterly baffled by President Donald Trump's latest rambling declaration that the Republicans would soon be known as the "party of health care."

During a CNN panel discussion Thursday, Berman played a clip of Trump talking about health care to Fox News host Sean Hannity in which the president struggled to maintain a coherent argument.

"So many things that we're going to do -- incredible health care that the Democrats, frankly, wouldn't even know how to do," Trump told Hannity. "We're going to have great health care... The Republican Party will be the party of great health care, we're going to have preexisting conditions, absolutely!"

Berman was particularly taken aback by the last sentences.

"'We're going to have preexisting conditions absolutely?' I don't know what that means!" he said. "More importantly, I don't think he knows what he means there. I don't think he has proven that he understands the issue surrounding protecting people who have preexisting conditions."

Later in the discussion, Berman roasted Trump for seeming to suggest that his health plan would give Americans high-quality health problems.

"We're going to have the best preexisting conditions!" he joked.

"We have some, we have a lot of preexisting conditions here!" co-host Alisyn Camerota said mockingly.

Watch the video below.