CNN's John King mocks Kellyanne Conway's long pause before answering Manafort pardon question
John King/CNN screen shot

CNN's John King noted that Kellyanne Conway paused for quite a bit before telling a reporter that she didn't know whether President Donald Trump planned to pardon the convicted criminal who ran his 2016 campaign, Paul Manafort.

King aired clips of Trump airing his "familiar mantra" that "there was no collusion with Russia," and reminded viewers that Manafort's trial was in fact about conspiracy.

"Judge Ellis sentenced Manafort to nearly four years in prison, minus time served. That light sentence departed from the sentencing guidelines and is sparking outrage in some quarters," said King, cutting to video of Conway. "But first the question raised again by that public appeal from Manafort's lawyer -- is the president considering a pardon?"

"Has the president ruled out a pardon for Paul Manafort?" asked a journalist. Conway paused for several seconds before responding.

"I didn't discuss that with the president," she finally replied. "I haven't heard him say that."

"I want to start with you with the pause, I love the pause" King said to reporter Kaitlan Collins as the entire table began laughing. "I love the pause, very smart pause."

"We were waiting for something to come," said Collins with a chuckle. "The president was asked again about it today and he said he's not the one who discusses the pardons, it's us who keeps bringing it up."

Watch the video below.