CNN's Symone Sanders attacked by 'belligerent' white man while waiting in Kenya Airways
Symone Sanders appears on CNN (Screen cap).

Activist Brittany Packnett ‏and CNN's political commentator Symone Sanders said that they were attacked by a white man.

Packnett ‏and Sanders explained that they were attacked by a man named Duncan Conrad Hockey in thee Kenya Airways Simba lounge . The situation started once Packnett ‏and Sanders asked Hockey to quiet down, and he attempted to fight them.

"Duncan Conrad Hockey is the man who terrorized and assaulted us in the lounge. He is still walking around in the hallway belligerently," Sanders tweeted.

"Here is a picture of the white man who cussed at us for asking him to quiet down and then THREW WATER ON ME and tried to fight me and," Packnett tweeted.

According to Sanders, he was arrested, and they were able to board their flight.

"He is being arrested and we are getting on our flight. Honestly, this was just so unfortunate and I hope @Delta and Kenyan Airways get better systems in place. I was so terrified. Grateful for the Good Samaritans in the lounge. Onward and to the light," Sanders said.

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