Cohen’s three suitcases full of evidence ‘must have struck fear in Trump and his family’: Vanity Fair reporter
Michael Cohen (MSNBC)

Vanity Fair's Emily Jane Fox told MSNBC on Thursday that President Donald Trump and his family were likely terrified by the sight of Michel Cohen walking into Congress with "suitcases" full of documents as he answered more questions behind closed doors, some possibly addressing allegations that the president's own lawyers helped coach his 2017 false testimony .

"One of the most stunning images of the past week, which has been a fairly stunning week when it comes to Michel Cohen, was Cohen entering Capitol Hill yesterday with three suitcases and a big file folder," she said. "I think that that, to me, was a moment that must have struck fear in President Trump and his family, and anyone who works in the Trump organization."

"Before his public testimony he spent time digging through boxes in a storage unit to find documents that backed up some of his claims," Fox continued, citing her own reporting. "He spent this past weekend before he went back to Capitol Hill yesterday doing some more document diving and that is what was able to allow him to bring more documents yesterday about these kinds of edits and about communication he had with lawyers representing various members of the administration about the kinds of changes that they wanted to see made."

Host Joe Scarborough asked Fox to provide "some insight" into polling that shows "by more than double digits (that) Americans believe Michael Cohen far more than they believe Donald Trump." Fox was only too happy to oblige.

"What a sad state of affairs that number is, that the American public believes someone who admitted to lying to Congress more than their own president of the United States," she said. "I think that Cohen felt like he went to Congress and did what he needed to do. I think the fact that he brought documents with him, those suitcases this week and the documents that he showed publicly last week, I think that is why you see the big discrepancy and I think that Cohen was pleased with that."

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