Colbert hilariously roasts Trump: Like robbing a restaurant and throwing a nickel in the tip jar
'Late Show' host Stephen Colbert (screengrab)

Stephen Colbert brutally mocked President Donald Trump for humbly bragging about his generosity on the CBS program "The Late Show" on Tuesday.

"You know how we're all worried about the national debt or the deficit-- and I don't know which one of those is which, but you know they're both bad -- kind of like Eric and Don Jr., I'm not sure," Colbert joked. "Well guess what? You can stop worrying!"

Colbert read Trump's tweet where the commander-in-chief bragged about writing a $100,000 check to the federal government.

"You can't say you don't care if anybody knows about it and at the same time announce it to the world on Twitter. that's like naming a building, "The Anonymously Donated by the Great and Charitable Donald J. Trump Hospital."

[caption id="attachment_1467526" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Late Show graphic imagining 'The Anonymously Donated by the Great and Charitable Donald J. Trump Hospital'[/caption]

"That's humility there," Colbert noted. "That's humble."

"To really drive home his great humility, Trump included a picture of the check for $100,000, to the Department of Homeland Security. Wow, 'Department of Homeland Security' has got to be the worst porn star name ever," he joked.

Colbert noted that while he is paying $100,000 to DHS, his border wall national emergency is attempting to take $5 billion from the department's budget.

"So, Trump's paycheck donation is like robbing a restaurant, then on your way out, throwing a nickel in the tip jar," he explained.

He then impersonated Trump, saying, "Here you go, here you go, buy yourself something nice -- like an alarm system."